De Werkplaats van de Toekomst Vier scenario's voor 2040|

The Workshop of the Future

What will your dealership – and in particular your workshop – look like in 2040? Will you only be maintaining electric cars by then? Will you still be employing the same number of mechanics? What work will they be performing?

To address these questions and the changes that will occur for car dealerships, BOVAG, Innovam, OOMT and RAI Vereniging have taken the initiative for an extensive scenario study. The result: four future scenarios, which vary in the impact on the branch and on your car company.

Practical brochure
The results of the scenario study are bundled in a pleasantly readable brochure. What’s more, you’ll find strategic and practical tips that will help you plot your course. In short, explore the scenarios and future-proof yourself. Because 2040 starts today!

For a first impression, read the summary of the report here: The-Workshop-Of-The-Future-Summary-A4-DIGITAL


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